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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scandinavia Part 2 - Frogner Park

Frogner Park is a gem in the heart of Oslo.  Wonderfully located just outside the city center, it is a place for young and old to gather for picnics (with “one time grills”) and evening strolls.   The garden is masterfully decorated by Gustav Vigeland.  During his career, Vigeland made a deal with the city to cast over 600 figures beautifying Oslo in return for a great studio and state support.  It is an ideal in public planning.  It is loved and respected by its people; no police necessary, no graffiti present and no fences need.
Vigeland’s theme for the park represents the cycle of life.   His sculpture is poignant and powerful, showing all stages of life from birth to death.  The enormity, larger than life scale of his creations, lends itself to self contemplation.  The wide open spaces throughout the garden leave room for reflection and tranquility. 

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jmommymom said...

I thought this park was really cool too when I visited Oslo.

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