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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We Take Care of our Own

34 Days until Joe is home!

I too will walk the political "tight-rope" as THE BOSS does in his latest song, We Take Care of Our Own.  Springsteen has always commanded a certain wonderful sentimentality in his beautiful ballads mashed together with his rugged appearance (much as his fatherland).  I continue to find him as current and in touch as I did the first time my high school boyfriend played Thunder Road for me on a 32 vinyl.   What this song speaks to is a higher calling; a calling to put past differences aside, look at the soul of our fellow Americans and realize these people are our own.  Americans forget that undying spirit that makes our country great; the spirit of unity. 

Looking forward to the album release on March 6th and the individual tracks between now and then.  :) 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Parade of Champions

In Eindhoven, Netherlands, the EFSL Championship began with a Parade of Swimmers.  The Ktown Kingfish Swim Team decided showed up in grand style with red, white and blue hats to show their spirit!!  Colin and Jonathan came bedecked in "funky chicken" twin hats!!  The swimmers crowd round pool side ready for two full days of events.  This year Ryan qualified in 50 meter Breast Stroke with a super fast time of 44 seconds!  Jonathan qualified in both 50 meter Back Stroke and 200 meter Free Style.  Colin (this is his first year swimming for the team) got selected to swim the 200 meter Free Style.  The boys' races were full of fast times and big smiles.  Go KINGFISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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