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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Most Beautiful Train Ride in the World - Scandinavia Part 3

'Norway in a Nutshell' claims the title "Most Beautiful Journey in the World" and I sincerely agree!  We begin the journey on the 8:11 train out of Oslo to Myrdal.  Here we change trains to the Flamsbana, the private train which will land us in Norway's Sognefjord.

Now the boat ride through the Sognefjord.  Beautiful blue skies, crystal clear waters, and happy Gallaghers glide where Vikings once ruled.  The landscape commands your respect.  The massive cliffs evoke fear while still softly whispering their secrets.  The meandering glass-like, still waters entice you to see what lies around the next corner.  My spirit beat in harmony with the ancient Viking's as we slid between narrow passage ways.  The message spoke of travel and adventure; Wunderlust.  I too, want to go a viking.

My favorite time of the day came at evening song, when the light receded but did not complete fade from the sky.  This is approaching the summer equinox when the days are at their longest.  Here the boys made a game of attempting to remain in the icy waters the longest and Joe and I sat back and took in the view from our apartment's balcony.
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jmommymom said...

These pictures make me want to go back to Norway. I went for a quick trip and didn't have time to do this fjord trip. It looks a little cold and beautiful.

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