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Monday, August 6, 2012

Art for Travellers

Discovering great art in Europe is the easy part; carefully planning a trip to see it can prove challenging.  Our family uses Rick Steve's travel guides for travel arrangements.  Rick Steve provides excellent, concise narrations on most the historic and important travel sites for hundreds of European cities.   A new find of mine is the Art for Travelers by Ann Morrow and John Power series.  The book provides specific art "trails" both in the major city museums and also in between "trails" to hit art tucked away in smaller venues.  Clear, concise profiles of the artist are coupled with prints and drawings helping to further explain paintings meanings and subject matter.  The book is 5x7 inches making it easy to tuck into a handbag for take-along.  Another resource I use in our classroom is How to Read a Painting by Patrik de Rynck.  Each painting is shown in a large 5x7 print with many details enlarged.  The book gives a small summary and discussion highlighting meanings within the painting itself.  My children ages 13, 10 and 9 enjoy using this for their picture study pre and post travels.
All of these titles are current and available at your library :) 

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