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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Welcome Home Dad!!

He's back home safe and sound with his crazy boys to jump on him.  It was truly a surprise for the boys.  We didn't expect Joe until this week, but he was able to fly out a little earlier!!  I got a call that he'd arrive around 11AM on Wednesday morning, so I took the boys to piano lessons and then went to pick Joe up.  So when the boys came down the stairs from lessons, they were in disbelief -- which changed quickly to happy pandemonium.  Welcome Home Dad!
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k balman said...

Dropping in from Collage Friday. What a great week. Brought tears to my eyes. Its so awesome he was able to surprise them with an early arrival home. Give our thanks to your husband for his service. It is because of him and the many other brave men and women that we have the freedoms we do.

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