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Monday, March 19, 2012

Traveling with Kids in Europe :)

As a military family stationed in Germany we have a wonderful opportunity to be able to travel throughout Europe. When we first discovered that we'd be able to live in Germany, my husband and I started naming all the places we'd like to see. Most of our list consisted of cities because that's where the art museums are located; we really enjoy seeing the masterpieces we've studied only in pictures. However, if anyone has ever tried taking three boys under the age of 12 through an art gallery and really wanted to study a painting, then you'll know that it's nearly impossible! So as we started to become REALLY frustrated, we both knew we'd have to come up with a better plan. Our plan centered mostly around, and from the guidance of, a book by Cynthia Harriman called Take Your Kids to Europe.

In it, Ms. Harriman narrates the best strategies as well as offering many excellent recommendations. She breaks the trip into the following areas of focus: "before you go", "on the road" , "home base" and the best, "the totally biased guide to what to see and do". In each of these areas she asks and answers questions like, "How to balance your and your kids' interest for a successful trip" and "how to get the most from any site". The book then goes on to higlight different countries and lists some of the best sites for kids that still offer something for the adults. Check out my blog for trips we've enjoyed using the book as a guide!  

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