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Monday, August 3, 2009


Trier is a lovely little town in the Rhines-plafz region of Germany. It hugs the Mosel River and boasts delicious dry and sweet white wines. We took the train from Landstuhl to Trier and spent the night in a hostel located a few hundred steps to the Market Plaza. Touring Trier on a nice summer day allowed us to see many sites. The town is built on the ruins of ancient Roman City complete with baths and an amphitheatre. The main attraction is a well preserved gate that marked the entrance of the Roman town. It is called Porta Nigra. Joe is enjoying the view from gate over the modern city. The amphitheatre has an underground passage, that Joe and the boys were brave enough to explore (count me out!). The hostel was, well, a hostel, but it was cheap and a super location!

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